Refuse Collection

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  • Recycling: Monday
  • Garbage: Monday, Thursday

The collection schedule can be verified at the NYC Sanitation Department site

Collection Instructions

The association maintains four large 50-gallon refuse containers near the entrance to the building. Two containers are provided for recycling (one paper, one plastic/metal) and two containers are provided for general refuse. The recycling containers each have large decals indicating the general category of items that can be recycled. Failure to adhere to the posted recycling guidelines may result in fines against the building by the Department of Sanitation.

The association employs a maintenance service which will preform the following duties prior to collections:

  1. Organize refuse and recycling into large bags
  2. Collapse and bind cardboard boxes
  3. Bring all refuse and recycling to the curb
  4. Collect and dispose of loose garbage around the front of the building
  5. Provide new black and clear garbage bags

Recycling Instruction

NYC provides details on their recycling program on the site. They will even mail free recycling decals for your personal bins.